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EB13 section 28*13mm safety light curtain

1. Upper and bottom close installation to equipment, and multi-installation method.

2. 28*13mm sectional size, compact for small machine.

3. Output overload or short circuit protection.

4.Synchronous signal self-check alarm.

5. High accuracy and customized resolution for customer.

6. Quick response in short time.

Product Details

1. Working Principle

The emitter transmits light signal to the receiver and form an protection curtain. The receiver monitors the light transmission of the light curtain and process the through or off status of light signals.  It outputs low level via NPN audion or high level via PNP audion. And then it will transmit the signal to machine tool PLC or alarm circuit, realizing the stop or alarm of machine tool.

2.Technical Parameters

3. Wire Connection Diagram 

4. Dimension Diagram

5. Specification Explanation

6. Model Selection

8. Application

Well applicable to outdoor scenarios or machines, such as pipe bending machine, automation equipment and hydraulic press, etc.