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What's the protection distance of safety light curtains ?

Date:2017-09-27 Browse:1276

Protection distance of safety light curtain refers to the emission length of infrared,  that is to say the distance between emitter and receiver.

Safety light curtain consists of emitter and receiver, indicator light of light beam intensity, optic lens,etc. Infrared wavelengths adopted and it is invisible to human eyes. It can effectively protect operators while not making visual impact to them.

Safety light curtain is a invisible infrared light and it diffuses. After being emitted, cone light will be formed in the initial path stage.With the increase of emission distance, its strength attenuation will follow inverse square law.Thus super long protection distance needs the support of high technology. 

 In current market, few of manufacturer can make their products? protection distance up to 20 meters. ESPE can make the protection distance of its products up to 50 meters. And this distance is actually verified with stable performance. The model with super protection distance are mainly applied to safety protection of large sized equipment.

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