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Mechanical safety design and mechanical safety device

Date:2017-09-15 Browse:1110


1. Intrinsic safety

Intrinsic safety refers to a method which the mechanical designer adopts to eliminate hidden danger and realize machinery safety in the design stage??including eliminating dangerous parts in design, avoiding working in dangerous area, providing auto-feedback device and make the moving parts under sealing condition, etc.  

2. Failure safety 

The designer must guarantee no danger occurs when machine in malfunction. The relative device includes operating the restriction switch, restricting shock shouldn??t  occur. 

3. Positioningsafety

Install the machine part at some non-touchable positions and reach safety through positioning. The designer must take into consideration that some dangerous parts can??t be touched under normal condition while can be touched under certain condition. 

4.  Layout of machines??

The reasonable layout of machines can obviously reduce the occurrence of incidents. 

5. Safety protection device on machines. 
a. Fixed safety protection device

b. Interlock device

c. Controlsafety device

d.Automatic safety device

e. Separationsafety device

f. Adjustablesafety device

g. Automaticregulation safety device

h. Switch tripping safety device

i. Double hand control safety device.

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