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Measuring light curtain used for workpiece counting-ESPE

Date:2017-09-05 Browse:1217

On modern assembly line, many small sized workpiece or products need to be packed into carton and counted with due number. And measuring light curtain is the most economic solution. Its theory isas follows:

1.Mount the ESPE measuring light curtain where the products or workpieces fall or pass before next process.  

2. When the workpiece or product passes,it will block the infrared signal once, which the emitter transfers to the receiver, and then ESPE safety light curtain will transfer a signal to its counter device and complete one time of counting.

ESPE measuring light curtain can safe lots of time and manpower. In the long run, it saves lots of cost. 


According to the same theory, ESPE measuring light curtain can also be used for products?? shape and dimension measuring, and also aligning in production process. 

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