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LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

Bran: ESPE

Model: LGA60


ESPE new LGA60 compact high performance laser scanner with detection range over 30m and 0.025° angular, support navigation and obstacle avoidance. Filtering surface image noise ensure scanner to obtain more stable and realistic point cloud data, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Technical Parameter

Parameter of laser scanner
Detection distance

0.1-10m (reflectivity 20%)

0.1-30m (relfectivity 90%)

Detection range320°
Scanning principle
PRT (pulse ranging technology)
Laser level
Level 1 ( IEC60825-1:2014, EN60825-1:2014)
Wave length905nm
Sampling rate144K, 288K, 576K (3 types of scanning frequency for option)
Scanning frequency10Hz, 20Hz can be set
Angular resolutionminimum 0.025°
Absolute accuracy
Repeat accuracy
±20mm (unfiltered)
Detection resolution1mm
Power supplyDC10V-30V
Operating current (DC24V)90mA (144K)
Rated power<3W
Contact resistancebelow 25mΩ

3*NPN output terminal (output signal of red area, orange  area and fault)

Ethernet TCP/UDP output of 320° original detection data;



M8-4 female cable, Ethernet port

M8-8 female cable, power and digital port

Operating status 



Output status


Red, yellow, orange
LED screen         
128*64 pixel with OLED screen
Operating temperature-10 ℃ - 55 ℃, for indoor use
Operating humidityBelow 80% RH
Storage temperatureStorage temperature (-20  ℃-70 ℃)
Protection rateIP65
Ambient light limitationresistant to sunlight (<100000 Lux)
Dimension (max)60 x 60 x 83.5mm
Sine vibration frequency10Hz to 1000 Hz, with an acceleration of 58, in three axes, and 10 cycles for each axis.

Random vibration


5Hz to 250H, Gr.m.s=4.248, three axes, 5 hours per axis
Shock resistanceAcceleration 50g, pulse time 3ms, 5000 impacts on each axis, totaling 30, 000 impacts.

Product Feature

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

Product Size

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

Component Specification

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

Installation Requirement

LGA60 320° Laser Scanner

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