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LGA10 270° Laser Scanner

LGA10 270° Laser Scanner

LGA10 270° Laser Scanner

Brand: ESPE

Model: LGA10


  1. Accurate realistic target restoration ±30mm detection precision;

  2. 62mm * 62mm*83mm (max) compact size;

  3. Customized multi-angle view for different requirement;

  4. Detecting distance can reach 20m;

  5. 0.18° minimum angular;

  6. Strong recognition ability even low reflectivity.

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Technical Parameter

Parameter of laser scanner
Detection distance

0.1-8m (reflectivity 20%)

0.1-20m (relfectivity 90%)

Detection range270°
Scanning principle
Pulse TOF
Laser level
Level 1 ( IEC60825-1:2014, EN60825-1:2014)
Wave length905nm
Sampling rate20KHz
Scanning frequency10Hz, 20Hz can be set

Horizontal angular


Response time100ms
Startup time8s
Channel15 (each channel includes 3 detection areas)
Operating current (DC24V)≤100ma (signal output not by IO)
Switching input4
Switching output4 (2 for NPN area warning signals, 1 pair for NPN OSSD safety output signal) NPN or PNP output
Protection rateIP65
Anti-optical interference100000 Lux
Dimension (max)

62mm * 62mm *79mm

Sine vibration frequency

10 Hz-1000Hz, acceleration 5g, 10 time each at X, Y,Z

Randon vibration frequency

5Hz-250H, Gr.m.s=4.24g, 5 hours each at X,Y,Z direction

Impact resistance

196/(20G) 3000 times each at X, Y and Z directions.



EN IEC61000-6-2:2019; EN61000-6-4:2019
Indicator4 (3 for area signal, 1 for faulty signal)
Communication interface(USB or RS232 or RS485) & Ethernet
Power supplyDC9-28V
Rated power<1.5W (without load)
Starting power<3W (without load)
Operating temperature-10℃-55℃
Storage temperature-20℃ - 70℃
Operating humidityBelow 85% RH

Product Feature

LGA10 270° Laser Scanner

Product Size

LGA10 270° Laser Scanner


LGA10 270° Laser Scanner

Wire Connection

Wire sequence & Related function
Wire numberColorSignal definitionSignal description
1Red 26AWGVCCPower supply VCC
2Black 26AWGGNDPower supply GND
3Light redALARM2

2 independent NPN outputs, ON state: maximum lOUT=200mA,VOUT>COMIN+-2V, OFF state:10UT<1mA, VOUT is less than 2V. The warning zone is state ON when no obstacles, and state OFF when with obstacles.


2 independent NPN outputs, ON state: the maximum10UT is 200mA,VOUT≥ COM IN +/-2V, OFF state:IOUT<1mA, VOUT is less than 2V. The rotected zone is state ON when no obstacles, and state OFF when with obstacles.

6Dark greenOSSD1

Dark blue


Selection signal in area group, to achieve switching between multiple protected areas through the changes of input signals IN1,IN2,IN3,and IN4.



11GreyCOM_GNDProtection input/output GND
12PurpleCOM_IN+Protection input/output power supply
13PinkOUT_RX+Network port input +
14TransparentOUT_RX-Network port input -
15Light greenOUT_TX+Network port output +
16Light blueOUT_TX- Network port output -

LGA10 270° Laser Scanner

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