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Shenzhen ESPE Safety light curtain application case for Foxconn mobile screen pressing mould

Date:2021-10-14 Browse:156

Shenzhen Foxconn Technology group is a high-tech enterprise invested and established by Taiwan Honghai Precision Group om China mainland. More than 30 high-tech industry zone have been established all over in China mainland, over 200 subsidiaries and stationed offices in Asia, America, Europe and other place. Now it owned 1.2 million employees. The group is committed to R&D and innovation, focusing on core technologies, including: nanotechnology, green process technology, flat panel display technology, wireless communication technology, precision mold technology, server technology, optoelectronic/optical communication technology materials and application technology, and network technology. The group not only has a complete R&D management system, but also works hard in intellectual power management, actively taking the responsibility of enhancing the international competitiveness of the Chinese, and becoming the leader in today´s global 3C foundry service field.


Before, Foxconn use two hand controlling foolproof safety device on mobild scree pressing mold. Which means, employees need to put both hands on designated safety device before putting product on molds, then the pressing mold start to press. If one or both hands left the sensing area, device will stop working halfway, so that to ensure fingers from being pressed. This way is safe, but it really low efficiency.

We supply our EB13 series safety light curtain for Foxconn, protective height 310mm. Compact size is suitable for such small machine. Our safety light curtain is detected by infrared light, which protect workers´ hands and save energy. Like video show, when pressing, workers can do next  processing and no need to wait. Equipment protect workers hands and save efficiency. It improve productivity and output