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Application instances on Injection molding machine

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Photoelectric protection is economic and efficient and can protect the operators? personal safety to the biggest extent, as picture 2.

Recommendation Solution: ESN 1020 Protective Height: 180

 The parameters of ESN series: Self-inspection in whole process, good anti-shock performance, stable performance, high resolution ratio, able to protect finger, installation method easy and diverse, light beam easy to be aligned, anti-light interference, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, low power consumption design, short response time, and high reliability.  

Technical parameters:

??Working Theory:

Photoelectrical protector consists of emitter, receiver, controller, signal cable and control cable (both PNP and NPN is supported).The lights from emitter is directly emitted to the receiver and form light curtain protection. When the light curtain is interrupted, one signal wil will be formed and transmitted to the controller through signal cable. The controller will process with this signal and form a control signal, which will control the brake loop or other equipment?s alarm device and realize the machine tool?s stop or safety alarm.