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The application of safety light curtains in automation field.

Date:2017-09-12 Browse:1325

Nowadays, automatic production is the key projects favored by every manufacturing enterprises. It can not only improve production efficiency but also save cost. And it represents the high-end productivity. Along with the higher and higher automation degree, the possibility that machines injure labors becomes bigger and bigger.Thus it is becoming more and more important to improve machines? safety and reduce the possibility that operators get injured during work.

How to increase the safety of automation equipment and devices ?

Now, the automation field home and abroad have given their answers.,using safety light curtains. Safety light curtain form a protection curtain via a group of infrared lights. When the light beams is interrupted, the photoelectric device will emit signals and control the machinery with potential danger to stop work . That can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.

The application field of safety light curtains.

In modern factories, safety light curtain are usually applied on some dangerous machinery with potential danger, such as punching press machine, shearing machine, automatic assembly line, automatic welding line, automatic transmission and carrying equipment, dangerous area such as poisonous, high voltage, high temperature, etc.