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Measuring light curtains applied in logistics and storage

Date:2017-08-05 Browse:1684

Measuring light curtains is more and more extensively applied in all kinds of fields, and mainly applied in the industries that doesn´t have high precision requirement, mass production or counting. As for logistics industry that all of us are familiar with, we know that logistics charges for cubic volume, that is to say by length*width*height.Once workers use tape to measure, labor consuming and time consuming with great workload. How does measuring light curtain realize the measuring purpose ?


ESPE measuring light curtains adopt three sets of correlation light curtains to realize the measuring of length, width and height, and then transmits the data to the system with software and indicates.

ESPE automated volume measuring equipment is a online weighing and dimension measuring system, which is designed with new concept?

This system has high precision and integration level, well applicable to high precision dimension and weight measuring on high speed transmission logistics lines. 

This system is widely applied in scenarios of logistics, industry, product package ,etc. 

The control terminal of the system can be connected with weighing and laser measuring device. It can fast detect and screen the objects  volume and weight and give an alarm through alarm device against the products whose parameters exceeds limits. Then the products whose parameters exceeds limits will be removed by manpower or machinery. 

And the software system can automatically store the data of products which have been detected and measured. The message volume reaches 100,000 pics. And the data can be exported to U disk or other storage device.

The ESPE automated weighing and dimension measuring system can meet the strictest OEM system integration requirement, and it´s the most comprehensive measuring system in functions anda pplications in the current market.