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Enterprise Culture

In view of continuous occurrences of finger-break regarding heavy production machines, ESPE established and determined to protect workers by researching infrared safety light curtains . Brand name ESPE in Chinese means popularization of safety sense. 

Corporate  Vision   

1.  Provide more and better products to society; Make the due contributions to the development of industry.

2. Continuously listen and cater to customers requirement; Guild and surpass customers requirement; Win the respect of  customers.

3. Make staffs have strong sense of enterprise honor and win their respect via upgrading brand value. 

4. Pay high attention to enterprise responsibility; Care for society and feedback to the society; Win respect of the society. 

Company Mission

Be dedicated to the research, transformation and popularization of industrial production safety, machine tool equipment safety, industrial automatic inspection and logistics automation. Provide professional and effective solutions for customers to solve safety protection problems and realise automatic detection, creating safe and efficient social value. 

Enterprise Value





Talent Concept

1. Care for staff?s growth, Provide good working environment and incentive mechanism to them.

2. Complete staff cultivation system and career development path, make them grow up together with the enterprise.

3. Carry out abundant leisure-time activities and make the management team and staff fully fused, cultivate mutual respect and                  trust among them. 

Management Idea

1. Place honesty as the highest principle; Never do harm to customers? benefit; Pay attention to long-term developmnet.

2. R&D comes first; Product quality comes first.

3. Catch up with market and industry change; Pay the highest attention to customers? benefit and satisfaction with                                      upgraded products. 

4. Regard human resource as company biggest fortune; Cultivate an professional and efficient team with strong team spirit.